If you work from home, you know there are some major advantages to doing so, but it’s not always all it’s cracked up to be. The monotony of working alone day after day in your apartment can begin to take a toll, especially on gloomy days when you have little to no interaction with others. So what’s a professional to do?

Co-working spaces are gaining great momentum around the country and Indianapolis is no exception. Here are some ways utilizing these work spaces can be a real benefit:

Networking Opportunities
If you’re all alone at home, it’s just you, email, professional networking sites and the occasional phone call. But place yourself in a co-working space and the world suddenly opens up. Since you’re encountering individuals from myriad of industries, professions and ages, there’s a real opportunity to meet people you would not otherwise have the chance with whom to interact. Whether you’re looking for new professional opportunities, sales and collaboration connections or even new friends for lunch, a co-working space gets you out of the apartment and into a new network.

A Change of Scenery
When you’re in your apartment, distractions are at every turn. You have laundry to do, cleaning to take care of and snacks at your fingertips. Although you may have great intentions, your productivity (and your waistline) may suffer. Heading to a co-working spot can help to keep you on your “A” game. Get out of the apartment, increase your focus and yield the positive results.

Be Yourself
Sometimes in an office setting when everyone is from the same company, we feel it necessary to put on airs or adapt to a certain persona. At a co-working space, you’re sitting across from people from entirely different companies and professions. You can simply just be you, with all the social aspects of office life remaining in-tact. Plus you can actually get dressed and ready, but without having to wear something fancy.

It’s Cost Effective
How? For starters, you can log onto the Internet without having to pony up for high-speed, expensive service. You also can skip purchasing a desk or monitors if you won’t be working from home. And more important to some than others—there is usually an endless supply of free coffee (that you didn’t have to make).

Are you interested in looking for a co-working space in downtown Indy? Here are a handful of conveniently located places to try:

Industrious Indianapolis – 350 Massachusetts Ave.
The Union – 525 South Meridian St.
The Bureau – locations at 719 Virginia Ave. and 325 S. College Ave.
The Neidhammer – 2104 E. Washington St.

Do you use a co-working space? How has it helped you in your professional life? Email us at info@918indy.com and let us know. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we’ll add your suggestions.