Aside from looking nice, dressing up a room and putting a spring in your step, plants are actually healthy to have around! They’re environmentally friendly and even clean the air around them.

If you’ve always felt like you didn’t inherit a green thumb and agree with us that plastic plants aren’t quite as nice (so much dust, too!) these are the plants for you—we promise you’ll be able keep them alive:

  1. English Ivy: Not only can you visit English Ivy’s Eatery & Pub around the corner from Nine+Eighteen and let them know you’re keeping their namesake going, these super vibrant plants are easy to take care of in moist soil and cooler temperatures. They also thrive in sunlight.
  2. Aloe: Known for its medicinal properties, aloe is an ideal choice since it requires low water volume. It also thrives in sunlight and looks beautiful as it can grow quite tall.
  3. Cactus: We can’t leave this classic houseplant off the list. Super easy to take care of, the cactus needs sunlight, fertilizer-rich soil and just a little bit of water. In the winter, you can even water this plant as little as once every few weeks.
  4. Ficus: This plant is subtly cheerful, and we love that the stems can be braided to create a topiary effect. Be sure to water this plant consistently and place it next to a window for full sun. Also, keep it in the same spot, particularly throughout the winter since it doesn’t like changes in its environment.
  5. Spider Plant: true to its name, this plant’s leaves are reminiscent of a spider’s legs but way, way more appealing. Make sure to keep this plant trimmed (brown leaf tips are common), water it regularly and keep it in medium to bright light.
  6. Philodendron: We can’t leave this plant off the list due to its popularity and reputation for being so easy to keep alive! The philodendron does really well in low-light, so it’s a perfect plant to stash in corners, on bookshelves or on a table in a dimly lit room. One important caveat to note—the leaves can be poisonous to pets if large amounts are ingested.
  7. Chinese Evergreen: This is another plant that does well in low-to-medium light, so it’s very versatile. Be sure to water it regularly and it will thrive in your apartment year-round.

What is your favorite houseplant? Let us know by reaching out to us at Don’t forget to include your tips for keeping it alive all year long! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we’ll add your suggestions—and stay-tuned for more information regarding Nine+Eighteen’s move-in ready dates this summer!