Living in an apartment isn’t the end goal for all people, but when you break down both sides of the argument, the benefits of renting an apartment rather than buying a house really shine through. Depending on the specific person or current situation of the family, the apartment life might be a better fit—here’s why:

Less Financial Burden
Renters aren’t faced with the same financial burdens as homeowners. Buying a home requires maintenance costs (often unexpected), property taxes and extra expenditures that are otherwise included in your rent. If you are not in a place to take these on, consider renting. You won’t have to pay a down payment (just a security deposit) and you won’t have to take out a loan. Wait until you are financially stable enough to buy a house or stay in an apartment for the long term and benefit from all the conveniences it offers. 

Safety and Security
One great thing about living in an apartment complex is the security provided. From restricted access entry, better and more secure door locks to monitored garage parking, you’re covered. Of course you can set up security at your home, but it comes with additional costs.

Appliances are Included
Having peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to go into the basement and check the hot water heater when only ice-cold water is spraying from the showerhead, or having to replace the oven or dishwasher if they break is a major headache you don’t have to deal with while living in an apartment. And many times, the appliances are much nicer and more modern than what you’d pay to put into your own house.

Better Landscaping
Apartments generally have a landscaping service to maintain the plants, shrubbery and gardens. This is a great perk that keeps your exterior looking fresh and beautiful and takes that workload off your plate. This is valuable time and money saved by renting over buying a house. You can spend your weekends relaxing, instead of mowing. And weeding. And trimming. And… 

Community Facilities
What could be better than going downstairs to a full coffee bar (and you didn’t have to make the coffee), or heading into the on-site fitness center? Whether it’s a community lounge, a BBQ area or a grassy dog-walking space, you’re sure to find many ways to make use of these perks without having to maintain them.

Repairs are Included
If you need plumbing services, most rental complexes will handle these kinds of damages. It’s as simple as a phone call to the office to have the maintenance staff come look at the type of repairs needed. This convenience is wonderful and just another perk of the apartment life. Better yet, you won’t have to pay to fix them (unless they broke due to your negligence). You also don’t need to buy and store every known tool to man, just to fix something once.

No Shoveling Snow or Mowing Grass
What else can we say, not having to shovel snow from your walks and driveway after a storm is a huge perk. And you can spend your summer weekends really relaxing, rather than pushing a lawnmower. Swimming pool anyone?

Stellar Locations
If you’re looking to move into a downtown area, such as St. Joseph’s neighborhood in Indianapolis, there’s no better way to do it than renting an apartment. You’re close to everything you need, maintenance-free.

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