If you’re craving some of the best fried chicken wings in the city and a night out that includes a serious karaoke session, look no further than the iconic Living Room Lounge. Easily within walking distance from Nine+Eighteen, this local Indy gem boasts a laid-back atmosphere, lots of character and a wonderfully diverse crowd.

As one Yelp reviewer said, Living Room Lounge is the “Cheers of Indy, where you get to know everyone’s name and they yours.” It’s got a strong group of regulars and man, can they sing.

Karaoke happens on Friday nights, but there are things happening every night of the week. Enjoy Way Back Wednesdays, hosted by DJ Jerry Wade, free pool on Tuesday nights, and .50 cent tacos every Saturday. Working late? No worries, because the kitchen stays open until 2am seven days a week. So yes, you can definitely eat a massive tenderloin sandwich at midnight (and we’re telling you, it’s GOOD and the pizza is too).

And yes, in case you were wondering, there really is a “living room” setup with big comfy chairs—although we’re guessing you’ll be up and dancing most of the night. Working from home and need a mid-day break? They’re open for lunch, too.

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